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How to make Pad Thai recipe from Thailand

A new Thai recipe is making the rounds on the internet and it’s not the Thai Pad Thai we’re used to.

Instead, it’s a recipe for a British baguette stuffed with a Thai basil and crispy rice, and made with a traditional Thai recipe.

Read morePad Thai recipe: Traditional Thai recipeHere’s how you make Pad Tamarind Thai.

This Thai recipe uses a mix of rice and sweet potatoes, and it uses a variety of vegetables and herbs.

You will need to use rice to fill the baguettes, as it’s more filling than regular Thai baguets.

You will need:1 1/2 cups of rice, roughly chopped1 tablespoon of Thai basil1 tablespoon Thai garlic, crushed1/4 teaspoon of salt1 teaspoon of cayenne pepperTo start, heat a large pan with a little oil and sauté the garlic and basil.

Set aside.

In a small bowl, combine the Thai basil, garlic, salt, cayena pepper and rice.

Add the rice to the pan, and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When the rice has cooked through, add the sweet potatoes and cook until they’re soft, about 2 to 3 minutes.

Add the Thai Basil and rice mixture to the cooked rice.

Add a few stir-frys and cook it again for about another minute, stirring frequently.

Add a little more oil to the oiled pan and cook the pad Thai until the mixture is tender and slightly browned on the outside, about 4 minutes.

Remove from heat.

Add about a tablespoon of the pad tamarind mixture to each baguett, and fold the bagusettes in.

Top each bag with about 1/4 of a piece of bread, and serve.