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How to make a ham sandwich with leftover ham, a simple but tasty trick

Some days I find myself sitting at a cafe, or in a diner, or at home eating a ham salad.

It’s a common snack, but one that usually seems like an impossibility to make.

So I’m trying something new.

I made this one-pot ham sandwich that uses leftover ham to make it easier to eat.

It is, after all, not an easy thing to make!

In this recipe, I’ve tried to simplify things and make it fun and easy to eat, too.

The ham can be used in place of chicken or turkey in the sandwich.

Or you can use the ham from a roasting pig or even pork chop, but it’s still a good idea to save some for later.

And of course, there are lots of other great recipes you can make using ham, like this one that uses bacon, cheese, and tomato to make this hearty, rich, and comforting sandwich.


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