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How to make cake pop with this cake pop cookie recipe

I know cake pops are an essential part of the Christmas season and a classic Christmas dessert. 

However, I’ve always found it a bit too much work to make the right kind of one and have never really tried making them before. 

That’s where this cookie recipe comes in. 

Cake pops are traditionally made with whipped cream or buttercream and the batter is made into a delicious cone shape. 

The recipe is a great way to make one of those perfect cakes, but I found the filling just as filling as a traditional cookie. 

You can add the cream and sugar for a more decadent cookie but I like the consistency and consistency of this cake. 

This cake pops recipe is for a one-pot cake.

If you’re a more traditional cookie maker, you could make a whole batch and just freeze the remaining dough for later. 

It’s definitely worth a try if you love a good traditional cookie and the chocolate topping is just perfect. Enjoy!