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Pork roast recipe – The Lad

The Lad bible article Pork roast is one of the simplest things to prepare and is one the most popular ways to use up leftover leftover gravy, brownies and other recipes that you don’t need anymore.

Pork roast has been used for centuries as a side dish for cooking, but in recent years it’s been used to cook up other delicious dishes such as bread pudding, potato pancakes and even beef steaks.

It’s one of those recipes that just takes your mind off of your own kitchen for a bit, and you’ll get a kick out of the flavours and textures you get.

So if you’ve got a pork roast craving, here’s a simple recipe for your next meal.

Ingredients: for the pork roast 1 cup of ground pork roast or turkey (or pork shoulder)