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How to Make Spaghetti and Dumplings Recipe (Easy Chicken Recipe)

Easy Chicken Recipe: 4 easy chicken dishes with a healthy twist.

Read More Easy Chicken Recipes are perfect for the whole family.

These chicken dishes are very easy to make and are a great choice for the kids or people on a budget. 

Chicken Wings and Dumpling Recipe (Chicken Wings & Dumplings) A classic chicken dish made with a flavorful chicken, onions, and herbs, topped with a crunchy tomato sauce. 

The Dumpling with Spaghetti Recipe (Dumpling with Chicken & Mushrooms) This is a simple spaghetti dish topped with tomato sauce, a little butter, and some parsley. 

Potato & Dumpling recipe (Potato Dumplings & Dumsticks) If you love potatoes, this dish will be perfect for you! 

Chicken Parmesan & Dumplin Recipe (Cheddar Chicken Parmesan Dumplings with Dumplings of Parmesan, Parmesan Cheese, & Parmesan Feta) The classic chicken recipe, this classic dish is also known as the classic dish of Parmigiano-Reggiano. 

A delicious dish that will satisfy the entire family. 

Spaghetti with Dumpling (Spaghetti & Dumpled Dumplings or Spaghetti & Beef Stroganoff) Another classic dish, this spaghetti is a perfect choice for a large crowd. 

Easy Chicken & Mushroom Recipe (Classic Chicken & Onion Dumplings recipe) Perfect for the entire kitchen, this recipe is simple and will leave you with a ton of fresh ingredients. 

Simple Chicken Dumpling & Dumstick Recipe (Simple Chicken & Chicken Strogano Recipe) Try these simple and delicious recipes for chicken and onion soup, chicken and noodles, chicken & mushrooms, or chicken & pasta! 

Spiced Chicken & Potato Dumpling and Dumstick recipe (Spiced Beef Stroham & Dumpella recipe)