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How to make banana bread recipe from the book Pioneers Woman: How to Make Delicious, Authentic and Simple Homemade Baking Recipes

The Pioneers Women book is the most comprehensive cookbook to ever hit the shelves.

It’s written by the author of the best selling cookbook, The Secret Kitchen, which is a must-read for anyone who wants to cook authentic, authentic-tasting food.

In the book, the author, Mary Givens, shares recipes that she has found to be a great way to get the most out of her baking process, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro.

She writes about her recipes with the same care and attention to detail as her books.

I had never seen recipes like this before in my life, and I have to admit, I had a hard time deciding which recipes to add.

While most recipes I read are easy to make at home, I decided to try some of the recipes in the book.

The recipe for my favorite banana bread was inspired by a recipe in The Secret Garden by Mary Given, the cookbook’s co-author and the inspiration behind this banana bread.

In this recipe, the banana bread is layered in layers of dough, topped with a layer of whipped cream, topped off with chopped nuts and some freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

If you are looking for a more traditional banana bread, you could easily substitute the butter for coconut oil or even coconut milk, but I found that the whipped cream and coconut oil really helped it stand out in my home.


Ingredients Banana Bread 1 package of whole wheat flour, or all-purpose flour