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What Is Beef Stroganoff?

The past few months have been a whirlwind for me.

This past weekend, I went to my friend and coworker’s wedding.

That evening, I made a dish that had all of the hallmarks of a beef stroko…a dish I’ve never made before.

I didn’t even know there were recipes out there.

Since I hadn’t made it myself, I asked my mom, my sister, my best friend, and some of my closest friends to make it.

My dad was the one who suggested it to me.

The dish that was born out of our passion for cooking was inspired by my mom’s recipe for stroganoffs.

It is a delicious dish, and it’s delicious because it’s so easy.

The thing about stroganos is that they are a staple in my family’s house.

For many of my grandparents, the first time they came home from their trips overseas, they would often bring home a homemade strogano recipe.

To this day, my grandparents are all in awe of the way my mom makes these wonderful, tender meatballs, and I can only imagine what they must have been like before they were old enough to enjoy them. 

I was lucky enough to meet my new chef when he brought me a recipe for beef strokons from his sister-in-law.

We started working together on the recipe after we realized she was a huge fan of the recipe.

She told me the recipe and I was instantly hooked.

“The best thing about making strokets is you get a real flavor.

You get to taste every little thing about the meat.”

I couldn’t wait to get started.

I’m thrilled to share with you the results of our first attempt.

Here’s what you’ll need: 1 tablespoon of kosher salt1 teaspoon of garlic powder1/4 cup of water1/2 cup of olive oil1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar1 tablespoon (1/3 cup) of dry red wine1/8 cup of fresh thyme1/16 teaspoon of black pepper1/6 teaspoon of thyme, dried, or 1/4 teaspoon of salt (optional)Step 1: Cut a long sausage into strips.

In a medium bowl, combine the salt, garlic powder, water, olive oil, and thyme. 

Add the vinegar, balsic vinegar, and salt.

Step 2: Combine the olive oil and thymes.

Step 3: Add the minced meat and stir.

Step 4: Pour the olive water over the meat mixture and stir until the meat is coated. 

Step 5: Top the mixture with the flour and cook for about 10 minutes. 

 Step 6: Serve immediately and enjoy!