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What to do if you’re going to a wedding and can’t cook, but still want to make something fun to share with your guests? Here are the top 5 easy dinners recipes for a small, fun party.

Mai tais are delicious Chinese desserts that are easy to make and perfect for small parties.

I have tried many recipes for them over the years, and they have always been easy to prepare, as long as you don’t have to worry about ingredients, like butter, sugar, or egg.

I’m going to share these recipes with you to help you get started.

The first recipe is the most straightforward.

You can easily make these for a family, or even just a few people at a party.

You just need a few ingredients, some water, some sugar, and a small saucepan.

You will want to use a very small amount of cooking oil to cover the pan and keep it from getting too hot.

I would not recommend you to make these with a saucepan with a lid, though.

It is better to cook the mixture in a hot pan, as opposed to just a pot.

After you pour the batter into the pan, add a bit of sugar to it.

The more sugar you add, the more the batter will sizzle, but the batter is still pretty tasty.

Next, mix the batter with a fork, and pour it into the prepared pan.

You want to have the mixture that is sitting in the pan completely covered with oil, as this helps prevent the mixture from sizzling and burning.

After the batter has melted and is set, add the eggs.

Mix until the batter becomes thick and smooth.

Next add some sugar to the mixture, and then the butter.

The butter should be soft and slightly gooey, and not goopy.

After about 1 minute, add some egg whites.

Mix for another minute or two.

After adding the eggs, you will want the mixture to be slightly thick, and you want the batter to be a little runny.

After it is all combined, pour it onto a serving plate.

The final step is to add the sauce.

Mix together the ingredients in a bowl until it is combined and a sauce is formed.

Serve with the rice.

These simple, delicious mai ts are perfect for a casual or formal wedding dinner.

Recipe Notes You can use this recipe to make all kinds of other desserts, such as strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter, and more.

You could even use this as a filling for a cake.

This recipe also makes a delicious dipping sauce.

It can be served on top of steamed rice, or just in a spoonful.

The recipe makes enough for 6 servings.

If you don, it would be a good idea to make at least 6 servings for a larger party.

The basic recipe is adapted from this one, which is a great way to enjoy a simple, fun dinner without all the fuss.

If I missed any simple dessert recipes, please leave a comment and I’ll add them. Enjoy!