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How to make a super-simple avocado salad recipe: Tuna salad from the sea

This super-easy avocado salad is sure to impress even the most adventurous of avocado eaters.

But be warned: The ingredients can be quite complicated, so get ready to think big.

We’ve put together this recipe for a classic avocado salad that you can enjoy with tuna or other meats.

We use canned tuna, a sweet, creamy and tangy tamarind paste and a light olive oil to achieve a light and flavorful dressing.

Add to a salad or a bowl, toss with a dollop of avocado and a squeeze of lime juice and you’ve got yourself a perfect salad to share.

Serve with tortilla chips, salsa or a side of shredded lettuce.

The recipe comes together in about five minutes and can be made in the morning and can also be made ahead and stored in the fridge.

(Recipe courtesy of National Geographic)