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What’s in pretzel bread? 5 essential pretzels to make today

The classic pretzel has become one of the most popular dishes on Thanksgiving, and there’s a good reason.

Pretzels are made from flour, water, and salt.

That’s because they’re made from whole wheat, which is a much healthier option than refined flour.

The reason?

It has less cholesterol and is more nutrient dense.

The problem is, some people think the flour is unhealthy.

Here’s how you can tell the difference.


Does the flour look like bread?

Yes, it should.

It should have a round texture and be crunchy.


Is it white?


It’s often made with brown or dark-colored flour.


Is the flour a little salty?

No, but it should be sweet.


Is there a hint of salt?



Is everything coated in flour?

Yes (if you don’t eat pretzel flours).


Is that a big hint?

Yes and no.

Pretzel Flour 1.

Brown flour (or white flour) is made from the flour of the wheat plant, a type of starch that is naturally present in the grain.

This starch is made up of a combination of hydrogen and water, which gives it the right flavor.

The amount of hydrogen is the same as the amount of sugar in your regular bread.

2 and 3 are examples of brown flour, while 4 and 5 are examples that are white.

Brown is naturally high in fiber, while white is naturally low in fiber.

4 is the most common type of brown flours used for making pretzell breads, but you can use any kind of flour.

5 is the standard flour you see all the time.

Most breads are made with 4 or 5 types of brown, but some breads also have 5 different types.

3 is the best choice for pretzelling, because it has the highest amount of fiber and is the highest fiber source.

5-Wheat Flour 4.

White flour (also called brown flour) or white whole wheat flour is the easiest and most widely used flour for making flour pretzles.

White whole wheat has less fiber and has a higher glycemic index.

5 percent of the fiber in white flour is converted to glucose, which helps keep the body from absorbing the calories in the bread.

3 and 4 are examples.

White wheat flour has the lowest amount of carbs and is usually used for the classic bread.

5 and 6 are examples with white whole grain flour.

White is also considered the most healthful and economical flour.

Some people have found that using white whole grains makes the bread taste sweeter, but we’ll leave that up to you.

White Whole Wheat Flour 5.

Brown whole wheat is the simplest flour to make pretzelt breads with, because brown flour has a slightly higher glycemia index.

It has the same amount of carbohydrates as brown, so it’s the most nutritious flour for baking.

The main advantage of brown is that it’s relatively inexpensive.

Brown can also be used to make baking cakes and muffins, but not much else.


Brown Whole Wheat (or Whole Wheat) Flour 7.

This is a kind of brown whole wheat that is usually made with 1.5 to 2 percent gluten.

It is used for breads and cakes, but doesn’t have a high glycemic-index.

It also has a high amount of vitamins A, B, and C. 8.

This kind of whole wheat contains only one ingredient: barley.

The wheat is converted into a protein called casein, which also helps keep your body and your organs healthy.


This type of whole grain has a lower glycemic and a higher amount of dietary fiber than brown.


This grain has higher amounts of vitamin C than brown, which may help prevent heart disease and cancer.


This variety of whole grains is also often used to flavor baked goods.


This flour is sometimes called a flaked whole wheat or flaked barley.


It can be made into breads or muffins or is even used to bake cookies.


The starch is usually brown, white, or brownish, depending on the variety.

The gluten content is usually 1.8 to 2.5 percent.


This gluten is usually mixed with the flour, and that mixture is then cooked to make a dough.


This flaked flour is often called white, white whole, white or white flour.


This dough is rolled and baked to create a pretzel.


This can also form a bread, but this dough is more expensive.


This bread is often made from wheat or rice, and sometimes corn.


This pretzel is made with wheat or barley flour, white flour, or a combination.


This version of the pretzel also has some of the same ingredients as the previous two.


This form of pretzel can also make a pizza crust, but